HORSEHEADS, N.Y. (WETM) – The golf course is much easier to play when you are hitting shots from the fairway. Unfortunately most golfers don’t play a lot of shots from the short grass.

18 news golf expert Rich Tanner bringing along 18 news reporter Matt Paddock for this weeks segment.

Tanner enlisting the help of Steve Volpicelli, PGA Professional at Soaring Eagles Golf Course to help with Matt’s golf game.

Volpicelli says, “there’s a lot of things, you know that people struggle out of the rough can do”.

“Well you know there are a couple of options. I mean obviously, if you’re at that distance to say maybe it’s a five iron. But the idea is that the rough is so thick. You know there is no way you can advance the ball, and you may end up being back in the rough.” says Volpicelli.

“Take your medicine. Pull out a very lofted wedge like a sand wedge or a club and advance the ball back into the fairway where you have a shot to the green. The other tip which is kind of something I’ve seen a lot of people do recently and I’ve done it myself is, maybe even taking a fairway wood. “

“Now you’re going to say to yourself. A fairway wood out of the rough? Well, what happens when you do that. You know you come in, a little steeper motion, and it kind makes the ball knuckle.” says Volpicelli.

“It actually, rolls out. So you can take the lofted or more lofted club. Make sure you get it out of the rough and back into the fairway. Or you can take even your fairway wood or even a hybrid.

Just come into the ball a little steeper. As I said, it wants to knuckleball. So you have a couple of options to get yourself out of it. Sometimes you get a good lie in the rough where you can use that five iron. But if not, your struggling. Go to a more lofted club or even try a hybrid or fairway wood out of the rough. Just to get that ball knuckling up the fairway.