HORSEHEADS, N.Y. (WETM) – Two men have been indicted for allegedly assaulting two school employees in Horseheads on school grounds, causing substantial injuries and breaking one of the women’s spines, court documents said.

Jared and Dakota Walker were indicted by the Chemung County Grand Jury in connection to the incident from October 26, 2021. According to court documents, while on the Broad Street School grounds, both men assaulted two different women who worked at the school. Dakota was accused of shoving one employee to the ground, “causing her to strike her head and suffer substantial pain.”

Jared was accused of also allegedly shoving that same woman to the ground, ultimately causing her T-1 vertebrae to break. The employee also allegedly suffered bruises to her left side, “resulting in substantial pain”, the indictment read.

The documents said Jared also allegedly threw another employee into a wall on the same day. After being slammed into the wall, the woman then fell to the ground with an injury to her calf and substantial pain.

“The attack took place back in October,” someone from the school told 18 News. “It is good to see that they will be held accountable for their actions.”

Dakota Walker was indicted for 2nd- and 3rd-degree Assault. Jared was indicted on two counts each of 2nd- and 3rd-degree Assault. The Chemung County Sheriff’s Office told 18 News that Jared Walker was not currently being held in the County Jail.