ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) — The New York State Department of Health has updated its 2022 fish advisories map and is advising against eating fish caught in Coldbrook Creek and Koppers Pond in Chemung County.

The updated map advises that all fish from Coldbrook Creek should not be consumed. The DOH lists PCBs as the chemical of concern.

Coldbrook Creek

Koppers Pond is also listed on the map. The DOH is advising women under 50 and children under 15 to not eat any fish caught from the waterbody due to possible PCB contamination. Men over 15 and women over 50 can consume up to four meals per month of all other fish caught in the pond.

“Women who become pregnant and eat highly contaminated fish may be at a higher risk of having children with developmental or learning delays. Children who eat a lot of contaminated fish may also have the potential for negative effects on their development. Older adults may face fewer health risks from these chemicals, so the advice encourages them to enjoy these sport-caught fish more frequently.” said the Department of Health.

The updated list of waterbodies can be seen on the official NYS DOH website.