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Yesterday, residents of the Houghton Plot area were briefed on the latest soil testing results. Today, residents were invited to the Radisson Hotel in Corning for private availability sessions where they discussed one-on-one with officials what this means for their own properties.

In 2012, during the demolition of Kent Phillips School and renovations to Corning-Painted Post High School, workers came across fill that contained ash, brick and glass. This is what started a large scale investigation.

The purpose of the private availability sessions are for residents to discuss with officials from the DEC, Department of Health, and Corning Inc. what was found on their own property.

“We’re here simply to answer any questions that residents may have about what Corning is doing on behalf of them,” Vice President of Corporate Communications for Corning Incorporated, Dan Collins said.

A total of 133 parcels in the Houghton Plot area is affected by contaminated soil. These contaminants include arsenic, lead, and cadmium.

Most residents are planning on waiting out the process to remove the contaminants from the dirt and soil. For some, they are already planning on moving. For them, there is assurance set into place to make sure they get full market value for their properties.

“What this means is that when a fair market value is set, if the property is sold below the fair market value, it won’t impact homeowners,” Collin said. “What Corning will do is make up the difference.”

The program is meant to set residents at ease that plan on selling their property. It will also help property owners know values will stay the same and not drop because of the contamination.

“The state has a very defined procedure that has to be followed,” Collins said. “We’re moving as quickly as we can on behalf of the residents, but it will take some time.”

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