Various tips on preventing underage drinking

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Whether they are used in bars or liquor stores, fake ID’s are sometimes used by minors to buy alcohol.

At All Star Wine and Spirits in Latham, owner Craig Allen, said while he and his staff are always vigilant about checking ID’s, they are extra cautious this time of the year because of prom and graduation season. When minors do try to use fake ID’s at his store,  Allen said typically they are not New York State licenses.

“It’s usually out of state because they figure, you don’t know what you’re looking at,” Allen explained.” But the main thing that we do is back up. We will ask for 2 or 3 forms and that will usually if someone just has a license that is made up and fake. They usually don’t have a credit card that matches. Even if it was a college ID, it would have to have the same name.”

He added that sometimes he will ask people questions, such as what their zodiac signs are, to help confirm the birth month on the ID. For those who are legal to buy alcohol, Allen stated they should think twice before giving it to those who are underage.

“God forbid something happens and their friend gets in an accident or their friend drinks too much and has to go to the hospital, they are the one who is responsible,” Allen warned. “Their lives possibly can be ruined forever. Not to mention the guilt that you will have knowing that you gave someone under 21 alcohol.”

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