LAWRENCEVILLE, Pa. (WETM) — On Apr. 30, Victaulic and state representatives hosted a grand reopening of the 220,000-square-foot manufacturing plant, formerly owned by Waupaca, in Lawrenceville, Pennsylvania.

The facility, including two foundry molding lines, will also enable Victaulic to produce larger scale products.

Victaulic’s Lawrenceville facility has added nearly 60 new jobs to Tioga County and anticipates adding approximately 40 more in the near future. It is expected many of the new positions will be filled by local talent from the area’s skilled workforce.

Rich Bucher, President and CEO of Victaulic, said their business is growing worldwide, but they needed to expand in the United States.

“We need capacity and we need capacity in North America,” said Bucker. “Fortunately, this facility’s previous owners were exiting. Since we are a Pennsylvania-based company in Lehigh Valley, this was the perfect opportunity to expand our capacity.”

Bucher said all of the credit goes to the local officials.

“From the first meeting we had with some of the representatives in Harrisburg and local representatives here, the quality of people, the work ethic, we knew we could have a long term relationship,” said Bucker. “[We knew] it could really add value to Victaulic and it really attracted us.”

(R) Kerry Benninghoff, PA State Representative – 171st District and the Majority Leader for the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, echoed Bucher’s sentiment of this great news.

“We are trying to get Pennsylvania back on our feet,” said Rep. Benninghoff. “We had a big, booming economy about 13 to 14 months ago. These types of investments in our local communities and reinvesting in a plant like this is the key to having that happen. Getting more of the local people back to work and bringing some other individuals in here.”

Rep. Benninghoff gave credit to his fellow state representative Clint Owlett.

“We are very pleased with the hard work Clint Owlett has done, both in legislature and on this project, ” said Rep. Benninghoff. “He saw a need and responded.”

(R) Clint Owlett, PA State Represenative – 68th District, explained how Victaulic and the reopening came about.

“Initially, we had somebody, an employee, reach out to us and say that Waupaca is looking like they are going to pack up,” said Rep. Owlett. “They shared with us a name of a Pennsylvania company. We all worked together and ended up calling the company, cold calling, to see what would happen and here they are. They are here and investing in Tioga County and they are investing in infrastructure. They are investing in the employees. It is such an exciting day for Tioga County.”