NY PAUSE extended to May 15; Earliest schools could open would be May 18

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ALBANY, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — During his Thursday daily coronavirus briefing, New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo said NY PAUSE will continue through May 15. That means only essential services will be open, and all non-essential businesses must remain closed through May 15th.

Schools are also affected in this. Since May 15 is a Friday, that means the earliest schools could reopen in New York State is Monday, May 18.

Cuomo also made a few clarifications on the executive order he issued on Wednesday about wearing face masks, which begins on Friday. Cuomo said riders on public transportation systems must wear masks, as well as in private transportation carriers or when in for-hire vehicles. Cuomo also said that all operators of transportation services, including public systems, private carriers, and for-hire vehicles, must wear a mask at all times.

On Thursday, Cuomo said that the previous day, 606 New Yorkers died from coronavirus-related illnesses. He said, however, that the total hospitalization rate is starting to go down. While around 18,000 people were hospitalized with coronavirus-related symptoms on Tuesday, that number was around 17,000 people on Wednesday.

Cuomo also shared more numbers related to how the virus has spread. Ideally, he said, one person would infect less than one person. That would mean the virus is on the decline. If one person infected one other person, the virus would be considered stable. If one person was infecting two or more people, that means the virus is not controlled, and that could lead to an outbreak. Here are some of the examples he gave:

  • On the Diamond Princess cruise ship, one person was infecting, on average, 2.2 people
  • In Wuhan, one person was infecting two to three people before restrictions were placed. After restrictions were placed on the province, Wuhan brought their infection rate down to 0.3
  • The Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918, one person, on average, was infecting 1.4-1.8 people
  • In New York, before restrictions were in place, one person was infecting 1.2 to 1.45 people Today, New York State has an infection rate of 0.9. That means the infection rate, and in turn, the spread of coronavirus, is on the decline

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