Wearing a mask too long is leading to skin conditions

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Masks have become a part of our day to day lives but many are feeling skin irritations after wearing their masks for long periods of time. Some cases are even going as far as a yeast infection on the face. These fungal infections can occur anywhere there is warm, moist conditions on the skin abd under a mask can become a prime breeding ground for such problems.

Dr. Tamesis of Guthrie Robert Packer Hospital gave the following advice, “The moisture from your breath from talking can also add to the problem. And if you are allowed to take breaks from wearing a mask, take breaks every four hours for 10 minutes. Of course practice your social distancing. And if all all of those fails then it is time to go and call your board certified dermatologist.”

Heading into winter these conditions could get worse so it is important to get a proper fitting mask as too tight or too loose would also lead to skin issues. The best type of mask to wear is cotton as it is the most breathable fabric for your face. Issues can include small blisters, rashes, and chaffing. It is best to have a plan ready before these irritations become full blown infections.

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