WELLSBORO, Pa. (WETM) — The Wellsboro Fire Department is currently accepting bids on a 1954 fire engine and a 1989 pickup truck.

The fire department is raising funds by auctioning off a couple of old vehicles. One of the vehicles the public can bid on is a 1989 Dodge Ram 4×4. This truck has a utility body, a 360 CU engine, and 62,254 miles. It is currently running and up to date on its inspection. Those who are interested in bidding on the truck can see it outside of the Wellsboro Fire Department on Pearl Street. The skid unit in the bed of the truck is not for sale and will remain at the fire department after the truck is sold.

The fire department is also accepting bids for a 1954 American LaFrance 700 series model 775-PJC with the serial number L-5053. This fire engine features a 750 gpm pump and a side pump panel. This vehicle does not run and is being stored inside. The vehicle is being sold as-is. Those who are interested in bidding on this fire engine can make an appointment to see it by calling 570-724-1480.

Bidding on these vehicles began on Oct. 15, and bids will be accepted until Dec. 4. The bids will be opened at the fire company’s regular meeting on Dec. 5. Bids can be mailed to the following address: ALF bids or Bid 1989 Ram (depending on which vehicle you’re bidding on); Wellsboro Fire Dept.; PO Box 81; Wellsboro, Pa. 16901.

Images of the vehicles can be found below.

More pictures of the vehicles can be found on the Wellsboro Fire Department’s website.