CANTON TOWNSHIP, Pa. (WETM) — A Wellsboro man has been sentenced for an event that happened in March of 2021 in Bradford County, according to the Bradford County District Attorney’s Office.

Documents say that Justin Plank, 36, was sentenced to time in a State Correctional Facility for 31 to 72 months, court costs, as well as a license suspension for 12 months on the following charges:

  • DUI General Impairment, 3rd offense in 10 years, a misdemeanor 2.
  • Aggravated Assault, Bodily Injury to Law Enforcement, felony 2.

According to criminal complaint documents, the events took place around midnight on March 31, 2021, when Plant had been stopped by Pennsylvania State Police out of Towanda on McCracken Road, just south of Route 14.

According to the complaint, troopers had found Plank’s vehicle stuck in a ditch where he, and another passenger, were in the back seats of the vehicle drinking and acting ‘belligerent and intoxicated’.

Plank has maneuvered his way into the front seats before being attempting to swing at the trooper standing next to the driver’s side window. According to the report, one of Plank’s swings struck the trooper on the cheek, Plank was then extracted from the vehicle.

While the trooper was attempting to handcuff Plank, Plank had allegedly swung his right hand back while it was partially handcuffed and had struck the left side of the trooper’s face hitting him in near the eye with the loose handcuffs. More troopers arrived soon after and were able to full detain Plank.