WELLSBORO, Pa. (WETM) — Wellsboro residents will be able to throw away items they normally can’t leave out with their weekly trash at no cost next week.

Wellsboro’s Fall Cleanup Week will run from Monday, Oct. 16, through Friday, Oct 20. During cleanup week, residents can put items on their curbsides for disposal during their regular garbage pickup days. Items that will be accepted during cleanup week include leaves in bags or boxes, old furniture, mattresses and springs wrapped in plastic, old tires (no more than two per household), lawn rakings, brush, small tree limbs, and shrub clippings. Similar items will need to be bundled together.

Demolition and construction materials, appliances, and scrap metal will not be collected during cleanup week. Wellsboro residents who would like to dispose of these items can bring them to the Northern Tier Solid Waste Authority’s Tiadaghton location (NTSWAT) at 10455 Route 6 for a fee. Information and pricing can be obtained by calling 570-724-0145.

The borough and the NTSWAT both do not accept electronics of any kind. Residents can call the NTSWAT to find electronic disposal services.

Those who would like more information about cleanup week can call the Wellsboro Borough Office at 570-724-3186.