(WETM) – A new program in Chemung and Steuben counties are allowing individuals with transportation assistance to obtain or retain employment. This program is income based and individuals must be working to participate. Each county has a different program that ranges from vehicle repair grants to helping with insurance. Originally, this was a state program that was cut from the New York State budget. I spoke with the program coordinator, Kelly Duby, about this topic.

“The county wanted to continue the program, so we used proceeds from loan payments to reinvest into the program and continue the model. More recently we were able to expand the program into another county when a local community foundation invested dollars to operate the program in a neighboring county, using the same model”

The turn out for the program has been impressive too.

“Involvement has been great.  The program did slow down during the Covid pandemic, but we are seeing an uptick in applications now that things are opening back up and people are returning to work.”

In the future, Kelly Duby hopes to see the program grow as the need fits and the funding will allow.