ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – If you live in the Twin Tiers, then you might already know how weird winter weather can get. One city can have over 3 inches of snow, and another city can have less than 1 inch.

The statistics below show average annual snowfall and elevation for a few select New York towns based on data from usa.com:

  • Elmira
    • Average annual snow: 43.84 inches
    • Elevation: 860 feet
  • Corning
    • Average annual snow: 49.63 inches
    • Elevation: 932 feet
  • Bath
    • Average annual snow: 56.82 inches
    • Elevation: 1,109 feet
  • Cohocton
    • Average annual snow: 48.75 inches
    • Elevation: 1,340 feet

On average, the annual snowfall total in the City of Corning is about 6 inches greater than Elmira. This is because of a correlation between snowfall and elevation: snow accumulations are typically greater when you are higher up, especially in the mountains.

“In the town of Corning we have over 60 miles of road, and a lot of ours is hillsides,” said Glenford Rose, City of Corning’s Superintendent of Highway. “You get in the upper atmosphere and, you know, it freezes up quicker than the lower part.”

Elevation is not the only factor for higher snowfall. Location plays a big role as well. In Bath, the average snowfall total is about 8 inches greater than Cohocton, but the elevation is much lower. Despite the lower elevation, Bath is closer to the Finger Lakes. This means it is more susceptible to lake effect snow, which can add to the total snow accumulation.

No matter where you are driving in the Twin Tiers, always remember this: when there is snow, take it slow.