ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) — If you’ve traveled to downtown Elmira at any point on Tuesday, Oct. 17, you might have wondered why two large cranes were raised above the courthouse, here’s what happened.

According to Chemung County Sheriff William Schrom, the cranes are being used to take down an old communication tower directly next to the Chemung County Jail.

Schrom told 18 News that the tower hasn’t been working in almost 40 years and that it no longer serves a purpose. He added that it is rusting in a few areas and that the decision was made to have it taken down before it falls and causes damage or injures someone.

Schrom has been told that the entire tower is going to be taken down on Tuesday.

Two workers could be seen inside a basket being suspended by one of the cranes, working to take the tower down piece by piece.