SAYRE, Pa. (WETM) – Alexis Lennon of Greentown was sentenced to incarceration in a Pennsylvania State Correctional Facility for 15 months to 48 months after police say she spit blood on Sayre Police officers during an arrest in June 2020.

Lennon was also ordered to pay fines of $2,000, plus restitution of $155.16, for felony aggravated assault, misdemeanor possession of a controlled substance, and misdemeanor delivery of a controlled substance.

According to Sayre Police, Lennon was seen leaving a known drug house in Sayre Borough in June 2020. Police say that Lennon had two warrants for retail theft and that they attempted to pull her over.

After continuing to drive, Lennon pulled over near a gas station and was ordered to get out of the car by police. After Lennon exited the car police say they found a large glass pipe “which are commonly used to ingest illegal narcotics.”

After being brought in by police, Lennon allegedly had a large bag containing a crystal like substance in her mouth and began to chew it. Officers were able to remove the bag from her mouth and found another bag containing 26.2 grams of crystal meth on Lennon.

Lennon allegedly kicked officers in the shin, groin, and face during a struggle with police as they tried to remove the bags from her mouth. Police say she then began to spit blood on officers and punched several with a closed fist.

Police say they used a taser on Lennon, which had no effect. Officers were finally able to control Lennon and she was taken by EMS to Robert Packer Hospital for evaluation where she continued to kick through her restraints.

According to court documents, Lennon repeatedly yelled vulgar words at the officers, including “f— the police,” “I hope you die,” and “You are going to be dead just like those two troopers that were shot by Eric Frein.”

Police say that Lennon later admitted at the hospital to swallowing narcotics.