WOODHULL, N.Y. (WETM) – Woodhull Raceway has been advised by Steuben County and Empire State Development to not hold any events or practices until further notice, or else they could face a financial penalty and “regulatory scrutiny,” according to the track owners.

The track says they worked with State Senator Tom O’Mara to submit plans to Steuben County and ESD that follow CDC guidelines to allow for small events.

“This is devastating and heartbreaking for us, our drivers, our fans and our sponsors,” said Woodhull Raceway co-owner Nikki Brewer.

“We have done everything asked of us, have made phone calls, written emails, submitted online forms and have a plan that follows what is being asked of businesses that will be reopening this weekend. It is frustrating beyond any measure that though we have shown this, we cannot get any answer as to why or why not from New York State and Steuben County leadership.”

Empire State Development released a statement regarding the raceway on Friday evening.

ESD was asked in April whether racetracks were permitted to open under the current guidance and ESD explained the guidelines for essential businesses that could be operating during the COVID-19 crisis. At that time, the guidance stated: “current guidance for racetracks and raceways is that they are not open for public events/races but activities necessary for the maintenance of the facilities are permitted. To the extent the raceway provides additional services, those services should follow the guidance for each such service and activity at the raceway and the permitted use should be limited to only those services or activities deemed essential.

Empire State Development

The Southern Tier will begin reopening on May 15 with construction, agriculture, forestry, fishing, hunting, manufacturing, wholesale trade, and limited retail businesses.

All retail businesses would be limited to curbside or in-store pickup/drop off.

Phase Two will consist of professional services, retail, administrative support, real estate/rental, and leasing. Restaurants and food services are under phase three and the arts/entertainment/recreation businesses are covered under the fourth and final phase.