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Those constant robocalls might soon become an optional thing. Americans get nearly five billion robocalls per month, a number of them illegal scams.

The Federal Communications Commission voted Thursday to give the go-ahead for carriers to block these calls by default. 

How must American feel about Robocalls can likely be summed up here: “They’re absolutely the worst,” says Eric Madsen. 

And you might get calls with a wide range of topics that are totally fraudulent. 

Sheldon Smith gets calls about his overdue student loans. “I’ve never been to college,” he says. 

Julian Travis owes big on his Toyota Camry. There’s only one problem. “I don’t own a Toyota Camry, but they seem to want my loan payments on my (car).”

And sometimes they prey upon the most vulnerable. Andy Howland says, “It’s really bad for say, elderly people.”

Marge Cammarano, a Senior Citizen, says, ​​​​”(Robocallers) think we’re all stupid, and we don’t know anything.”

Thanks to the FCC, phone carriers now have the green light to automatically block unwanted robocalls to customers. It uses algorithms and network scanning, similar to how email companies filter spam. The FCC ruling also could allow for some carriers to give customers the option to receive phone calls from just their saved contacts and no one else. 

“Excellent. Nice job. It’s about time. Thank you,” says Cindy Scalia reacting to the FCC ruling. 

Kaitlin Craig with T-Mobile says this year, T-Mobile’s expecting 225 million monthly spam calls. She says they’ve been offering a free block app since 2017 to customers.

For other carriers, no word yet on if there will be any kind of charges associated with this new feature. Most we spoke with are hoping it will be a free service. Yet, some feel even with all FCC action, this will still do zero to block the problem. 

 “I don’t know. Even if they did start blocking them, they probably still would come,” says Daniel Lomb.

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