Local Officers Speak Out Following Fatal Police Shootings


After our nation’s second fatal police shooting in less than 2 weeks, local law enforcement is speaking out.

“There’s absolutely no reason for it. These are people that went to work that day and the only reason they were killed was because they were police officers and I can’t think of another career or another profession in the United States or any place in the world where people get killed just because they chose a profession and I think it’s disgusting,” Corning Police Chief Jeffrey Spaulding said.

Five police officers shot and killed during a “Black Lives Matter” protest in Dallas Texas…less than a week later, three more officers killed in Baton Rouge Louisiana. These tragic nationwide events hit close to home for local law enforcement.

“Everyone is shocked, they’re appalled that something like that has happened and it gets thrown in our face. Just over the weekend we had an individual that got stopped…he happened to be a black male, he ran a red light, and during the traffic stop it was nothing but “Black Lives Matter” and “Hey, I don’t want to get shot…he was taunting the officers,” Spaulding Said.

Officers in Corning are making sure they’re prepared for if an attack on police were to happen here.

“It plays in the back of your mind if you are going to a call and your responding to something, you have to wonder if it’s not something more than what you’re responding to,” Lieutenant Jeffrey Heverly with the Corning Police Department said.

“We’ve done more internal training, so we’ve just completed our firearms training last month and as part of the training we implemented some things that will hopefully help the officers in a situation,” Spaulding said.

Spaulding says even though an overwhelming amount of people still support the police, a small group of people showing hatred towards them is gaining power by sensationalized media coverage.

“It’s very tainted I think by the media, they seem to blow it up and glorify it and portray it for something that it’s not,” Spaulding said.

“People like to complain, they like to be heard and those two things work hand-in-hand together and it’s created an atmosphere and discontent and hatred towards the police,” Heverly said.

Chief Spaulding is asking those who support the police, to stand up.

“I think an overwhelming majority of people support their local police. They support the officers in Texas, they support the officers in Baton Rouge, but they are the silent majority and they do need to speak up I think,” Spaulding said.

The Corning Police Department says they receive a lot of support and appreciation from the local community and that their mission to serve and protect keeps them going through these tough times.

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