Local residents participate in an active shooter demonstration


More than 250 active shooter events have occurred since 2000. It’s been said, proper training can save lives.

Run, hide, fight, the model we’ve all been used to hearing, is now outdated. 

Monday nights training at Elmira College, helps you recognize signs of potential violence around you, and what to expect after an active shooting takes place.  

Gunshots are the sounds no one ever wants to hear unexpectantly. Active shooter events are all too random and that’s why Zachary Pugh is dedicated to preparing local residents, just in case. 

During the 1-hour session, locals learned the basic of what to do in case of an emergency. Everything from how to hide effectively to when to attack. Afterall, it’s the basics and good quality training that can save a life. 

“Due to the nature of an active shooter event, it’s not something you want to ignore,” said Zachary Pugh. You do want good quality training to deal with it, because if something does happen, its serious and its obviously life or death. and the only way to train yourself to deal with it, is by doing quality training.”>

The seminar covered self-awareness and walked participants through steps on what to do to defend themselves including role playing. 

“Don’t rely on the FBI model of run hide fight or shelter in place,” said Pugh. “Those models are outdated and there’s a superior training model. I’d also say don’t put your safety in someone elses hands, you’re responsible for your own safety own it”.

In an active shooter situation you have to think fast and be prepared for what you’re going to do next. You have to think on the fly to protect yourself. You might think you need a gun to ward off a shooter, but even everyday items like pens or cell phones can be used as a self defense weapon.

 While these training’s can’t tell you what to do in every situation, they can help show you your options.

Pugh’s seminar is hands on and decently priced. For more information, click here

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