ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – Today both local vaccinated and unvaccinated residents came together as one to voice their thoughts on their choices being revoked and now being forced to take COVID-19 vaccine.

“Last year, when we held up all the nurses and doctors as heroes, they’re still heroes this year, they work through, and they did a great job with no vaccine. So if they still choose, they’re educated they choose not to get the vaccine I support their right to choose that to make that decision,“ said Rachel Kimble, Vaccine Mandate Protester

Vaccine Mandate Protesters.

“People can take the vaccine if they want that’s their choice, but we don’t feel like we need to take this vaccine when we’ve had proper protection all 2020, but once we heard the mandate a lot of people were messaging me and contacting me to ask what were we going to do so I felt obligated that someone needs to do something,” said Mallory Freeman, Vaccine Mandate Protest Organizer

Although the rally was a once-day event, the vaccine mandate protest organizer says they plan to keep fighting until they’re heard.

“I would want our governor of New York State to understand that health care workers were needed and 2020 and they’re needed now, and you don’t have the chance you can’t take the chance to let us all go, because you want to mandate something that is against our wishes,“ said Freeman

While the protest caught the attention of local drivers and the community, the hope is that Governor Cuomo and upcoming Governor Kathy Hochul will change the mandates and allow healthcare workers, city and state workers, and local residents to make their own decisions around the vaccines without being taken out of work.