ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – A ban on expanded polystyrene foam containers and loose-fill packaging could be coming to the Southern Tier. One local business, McClure’s Deli plans to remove the polystyrene from their establishment.

McClure’s Deli

“It would just be a different product that we’d be sending the product that we cookout in. I would certainly think that if it’s better for the environment, we would certainly do it. And I think it would probably cost maybe 20 cents more per package going out,” said Barbara McClure, Owner, McClure’s Deli

Although the restaurant’s prices are expected to change, the amount of food giving out per order will not change.

The local eatery prides themselves in being consistent with their products no matter the change.

McClure’s Deli would like to see their products go out in cardboard and paper.