ELMIRA, NY (WETM)- May 1st through 7th is recognized as National Teacher Appreciation Week.

It’s a chance for students to let their teachers know just how much they are appreciated.

Elmira City School District took full advantage of this week by doing different things to show their appreciation.

It’s no secret that the challenges of being a teacher heightened when COVID-19 hit.

As schools began to go remote, teachers had to figure out a way to change and adapt, in an effort to make going remote as smooth as possible.

Now that schools have returned to in person, the students and faculty at ECSD spent the week bringing in gifts, writing notes, providing breakfast and lunches.

Senior cheerleader at Elmira High School, Olivia Jones, says her and her teammates made coffee and brought it to teachers.

“When they come to school, and they have to deal with COVID and they have to go home and like worry about their own families. It’s just very brave of them to still continue teaching and the times like this, and it’s important that we appreciate it and recognize it,” says Jones.

Principal at Riverside Elementary, Heather Donovan says she tries to do things as often as she can to make the teachers know their hard work doesn’t go unnoticed.

“I have a little trolley that I take around every once in a while when I feel people just really need a little boost. And I do a little accent as well. Just to make it fun because they work so hard and they need to feel appreciated not just this week but every day,” says Donovan.

Teachers are someone students can always depend on, says Donovan, they are an important part in making sure students are getting the necessary education.

This week isn’t the only week you can show your appreciation.

Donovan says you can show your appreciation everyday but being on time to class, communicating with your teachers, and participating in lessons.