ELMIRA, NY (WETM)- RecruitNY is an initiative designed to boost enrollment for volunteer fire stations.

This event is taking place statewide and happening tomorrow and Sunday.

Fire Prevention Officer for Southport Volunteer Fire Station, Brandon Ricks, says enrollment has gone done since the pandemic started.

Pre-pandemic, Southport used to have 60 to 70 active volunteers and now it has about 30 to 40.

“It’s a really good thing to provide for your community and we always need the extra help. and you know, think about the time, if your house was on fire and there really wasn’t anyone to respond, you know that extra person could be that change and make that big difference,” says Ricks.

He adds that there are no requirements to be a volunteer, and they are looking for internal and external volunteers.

Anyone interested is encouraged to visit their local volunteer fire station this weekend to learn more and get a tour of the facility.

For a full list of participating stations click here.