ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) — The Chemung County Sheriff’s Office recognized the men and women of its ranks Friday for their hard work, dedication and professionalism throughout the year.

Since the Sheriff’s Office cannot have a formal awards ceremony due to the coronavirus pandemic, the award recipients were announced in a statement.

“The awards for the individual deputies will be placed in their mailboxes,” said Sheriff Bill Schrom in the statement. “Although the lack of ceremony may make it seem as the process was minimized, nothing could be further from the truth. The officers receiving the awards excelled in their jobs and they are being recognized for their outstanding accomplishments within their field.”


Deputy of the Year:
Officer Dalton A. Lawson

Meritorious Achievement:
Deputy Conor P. Everett
Deputy John M. Everett x3
Deputy Dalton A. Lawson x3
Deputy Gavin T. Rupp
Deputy Patrick L. Pirozzolo

Sheriff’s Commendation:
Sgt. Peter A. Ruhmel
Deputy Patrick L. Pirozzolo
Clerk Sharon H. Mancini
Entire Road Staff Agency Wide

Life-Saving Award — NARCAN:
Deputy James F. Goodwin x2
Deputy Dalton A. Lawson x2
Sergeant Jeremiah L. Ayers x2
Deputy E. Scott Smith x2
Deputy Corey T. Hamula
Deputy Ryan M. Murphy x3
Lieutenant Patrick J Parks
Deputy John M. Everett
Deputy Gavin T. Rupp x2
Deputy Jeremy J. Rucker
Deputy Conor P. Everett
Deputy Zachary T. Hugg
Sergeant Richard L. Matthews x2
Deputy Todd C. DeGarmo x2
Deputy David M. Buchholz
Deputy David E. Padgett x2
Deputy John M. Burczynski

30 Years of Service:
Sheriff William A. Schrom
Undersheriff Sean D. Holley

25 Years of Service:
Security Deputy Diane E. Brown

20 Years of Service:
Lt. R. Scott Wheeler
Captain Matthew R. Stevens
Deputy Ryan M. Wheeler

5 Years of Service:
Deputy Corey T. Hamula
Account Clerk Theresa L. Goodwin
Pistol Permit Clerk Kirsten L. VanAtta

Honorable Service:
Deputy John M. Burczynski
Deputy David E. Padgett
Deputy Patrick L. Pirozzolo

Perfect Attendance:
Deputy Jason T. Balmer
Inv. Brandon R. Couse
Deputy Todd C. DeGarmo
Deputy Kevin J. Draxler
Deputy John M. Everett
Deputy Dalton A. Lawson
Deputy Jason F. Smith
Inv. John M. Smith, Jr.

Education Award:
Sergeant Kasey A. Slater

“I would also like to recognize every member of the Sheriff’s Office for their professionalism and dedication throughout 2020, especially in light of the many challenges each of you have faced both personally and professionally with the COVID-19 pandemic,” Sheriff Schrom said. “Many have not been recognized for an award; however, that does not take away from the fact that each of you did an excellent job in the performance of your duties. I am proud of each and every member of this agency for the job you do each day.”