Pennsylvania (WETM) — As President Biden and his administration continue to restructure the U.S. economy, the crisis at the US-Mexico border continues to worsen.

Migrant children are being dropped off in the U.S., unaccompanied. Pennsylvania Congressman Fred Keller and other officials from the Congressional Oversight Committee are heading to the border this weekend.

“Women and children that are being exploited, and taken advantage of, and being treated very poorly on their journey to our southern border,” Congressman Keller said. “There is a humanitarian crisis and a national security crisis. One thing, I guess, I would say to the Biden administration, the President himself, and Vice President Harris, who is in charge of the border according to the President, ‘you need to go down here and see what’s going on, see the mess you’ve created and fix it. And that first starts by making sure you reinstitute the policies that are working under the Trump administration.”

Congressman Keller said the Biden Administration is to blame for the worsening of the crisis. He also said the administration is not being transparent enough with letting the press and country know what is happening at the border.

“The humanitarian crisis, which was created by the messaging, that came out of the Biden administration, that people should come and then incentivizing that with promises of being able to stay in the country,” Congressmen Keller said. “Also with benefits for health care, education, and the things that are happening.”