ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – On a day with record high temps, Elmira Fire Department was called to a report of a house fire on Pennsylvania Ave. Fortunately, it was not a working fire.

While arriving in full turnout gear, the situation was quickly brought under control and code enforcement was called to the location. Our reporters’ vantage point from public property, could not determine the exact nature of the source of the incident around the back of the residence.

Firefighters were observed going through the house and checking to make sure everything was safe.

During warm temperatures firefighters are exposed to more heat, as the turnout gear that they wear, is typically made of three layers of materials, and can weigh 45 pounds or more, with the helmet and then other gear that they utilize on a daily basis, just adds to the weight. Some people have described it as wearing a snowsuit in summer, however, snowsuits typically don’t weigh as much.

Our reporter on scene is working to find out more details of the incident, and we will provide that information as it becomes available.