TIOGA COUNTY, PA (WETM)- More people are killed by flash floods than by other storm-related weather hazards according to the National Weather Service.

Flash flooding is a hazard we deal with here annually in the Twin Tiers.

April 18th through the 22nd is Severe Weather Awareness Week in Pennsylvania. Everyday a severe weather hazard is discussed along with how to prepared for the event. Wednesday is focused on flash flooding. This happens each spring, before severe weather system typically starts; it is sponsored by the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency, County Emergency Management, and the National Weather Service.

When it comes to flash flooding safety there are three things to remember to keep safe.

  1. Get to high ground- This is especially important if you are in an area that is prone to flooding.
  2. Have a way to receive weather alerts, watches, and warnings
  3. Do not drive into ponded water- It only takes 6 inches of water to knock you off your feet and most cars will float in just 16 to 18 inches of water.

If you want to read more about the other weather hazards that are highlighted this week or want to learn more about flash flooding you can read more here.