HORSEHEADS, N.Y. (WETM) – Local shops sold handmade items at the third annual Cabin Fever Craft and Vendor Fair today.

From great gifts ideas for upcoming Valentine’s day to candles and homemade soaps something for everyone to enjoy while supporting local businesses.

If you missed out on the fair today organizer, Tanya Roche, says not to worry. They will be back soon next year to get you out of the house during the cold weather season.

“There is not a lot going on in January and February and about this time everybody’s looking for something to do to get out of the house,” says Roche. “We have about 50 vendors with us here today.”

One of the vendors she recommended was Pink Zebra. Mindy Burke, the executive manager of Pink Zebra, says they’ve got customizable wax sprinkles that customers can mix and match for a Valentine’s day gift.

“You can customize everything from the warmers to the actual fragrances,” says Burke. “So our wax is just little beads of wax. You can make candles with them you just pour them over a wick, or you can put them in any electric warmer too.”

Roche says they planned it so that the fair came right before Valentine’s day. She also says going to the fair, you can find fun alternative gifts to the traditional flowers and chocolates.