ELMIRA HEIGHTS, N.Y. (WETM) – First to go were masks, then toilet paper and now there’s a national coin shortage. The 7-Eleven on Oakwood Ave. has a sign asking customers to pay in exact change or by card.

According to the First News Now Facebook, several residents across Tioga County, Pennsylvania mentioned that there’s a coin shortage throughout the area.

Some businesses, like Lowes in Mansfield, Pennsylvania, have posted signs in their stores to inform their customers before they check out with their purchases.

From First News Now Facebook

The local 7-Eleven on Oakwood Ave. in Elmira Heights is running into the same issue. The franchisee of this location, Karen Gordon, said they’ve had to call every day to get coins.

“The national reserve is unable to make coins at this time so all the banks have been getting short of coin,” said Gordon. “So at this point we’re having to call daily to get coin. The most we’ve been able to get is $122.”

Gordon said her 7-Eleven had a sign warning customers to pay with exact cash or by card since last Thursday. She also says the community has been trying to help her store by bringing some change for them.