ELMIRA HEIGHTS, N.Y. (WETM)- Earlier today Tom Reed hosted a press conference at CAF USA to highlight funding for New York State rail under the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill.

Local leaders were there as well to tour the facilities and see the railroads that are currently being built. Reed says, “they’re making some amazing lines and vehicles. I saw around 200 employees working here today. I can see that number tripling very easily with the billions of dollars of investment that’s going to come out of this bipartisan infrastructure deal. And that’s huge opportunity that’s taken care of families. And I’ll tell you, I’m glad you have supported the bipartisan infrastructure deal for people just like those 300 plus people that potentially are going to have a new job.”

The biggest benefit is the job opportunities being created. Congressman reed said he saw around 200 employees working today and he says he could see even more jobs being created. This, as unemployment rates declined to 3.9 Percent, the U.S. as of today.