A 23-year-old New Jersey native is walking across the country to raise awareness about global water insecurity.

“I get called water boy a lot, that’s always a classic one,” James Leitner said

Leitner is on a mission to raise awareness about global water insecurity. He’s walking from Princeton, New Jersey to San Francisco with about 90 pounds of H2O in tow.

“You know it all started very simply when I was in high school and I was told to research food, water or energy as a global issue and to pick one,” Leitner said. “Did some research and I learned at the time with one search that 1 billion people at the time didn’t have access to clean drinking water.”

Leitner’s no stranger to clean water activism. He’s walked 12 marathons in 12 months, all while carrying 45 pounds of water.
“If you see any of the pictures from the marathons I have a jug on top of my head to really paint a very clear and concise picture to show what people are doing with the donations are going to in Tanzania,” Letiner said

Leitner hopes people who hear his story will be inspired to donate, or find ways to conserve water.
“When I’m showering what I do is I have my iPod playing and I’ll only shower for the length of two songs instead of going any bit longer,” Leitner said “Because you know every few minutes or every half a minute more gallons and gallons are being used and a lot can go by very quickly.”

Leitner said if all goes according to schedule he’ll be in California by mid to late October.

As for what’s next?
“I hope to travel to Tanzania for an extended period of time and really show donors where their money is specifically going to in the impact they’re having on people on the other side of the world.”

For more information on how you can donate to Leitner’s cause visit his website.