Amazon’s Echo line is getting more crowded. The tech giant has unveiled the Echo Show 5 ($89.99;, a smaller screened Echo Show that also has a much more affordable price of just $89.99. And yes, that makes this the cheapest Echo with a screen, beating out the $129.99 Spot and $229.99 Show.

You can preorder the Echo Show 5 now from Amazon in your choice of Charcoal or Sandstone. Amazon is officially launching the Show 5 on June 26, and you can expect early orders to deliver on launch day, with later orders not far behind.

The Echo Show 5 still features Alexa and can do everything any other smart speaker can do. You can ask Alexa for topical questions, to get a briefing on the news, play music from a variety of sources (for example: Prime Music, Spotify or Apple Music), stream videos and even ask for recipes. You’ll get a 5.5-inch display on the Echo Show 5, hence the name.

It can certainly show a lot more than the circular Echo Spot, but lacks the size of a small TV, like the larger Echo Show. However, at just under $90, you can expect it to pack a punch. Amazon has added a 4-watt speaker, so it should produce rich and booming sound. Additionally, its 1-megapixel camera has a new privacy shutter that can be manually controlled. It can also be used for video calling through Amazon’s service or Skype.

The Echo Show 5 is joining a full lineup, but with a tiny sized approach and an affordable price, it just might become our go-to recommendation when it launches on June 26. In the meantime, you can preorder the Echo Show 5 in Charcoal or Sandstone at $89.99 on Amazon.