Mega Buzz: A Scandal War, Hawaii Five-0’s Consequences and a Sleepy Hollow Sacrifice

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Scandal scoop, please! I can’t believe Olivia is gone again! — Beth
You and me both! Even though Liv obviously didn’t leave by choice this time, don’t be surprised by the profundity of Fitz’s desperation as he debates whether to go to war with West Angola to save her. “It will potentially destroy Fitz again,” Tony Goldwyn tells us. “How much more can a man take? This will really test him. The stakes are unbelievably high and I can say that it will be scary.”

Any Hawaii Five-0 intel? — Chris
Did you think that the show forgot that Danny killed his brother’s murderer? Nope. “There’s going to be a price to pay for what [Danny] did,” executive producer Peter Lenkov says. “The same with Chin Ho borrowing the money from Gabriel — that’s going to come to a head also.” That episode will be a big one for McGarrett too, as he’ll get more information about his mother. “That will launch into a bigger story with him finally finding her and coming to terms with what happened [with Wo Fat].”

Any scoop on the Sleepy Hollow finale? —Debra
The Sword of Methuselah isn’t as awesome as Abbie and Ichabod had been lead to believe. “It turns out that although this sword has the ability to kill demons, it essentially extracts your life force, your soul,” co-executive producer Albert Kim reveals. “So, you have to sacrifice your own life in order to use it. It sets up a really great conflict and decision as to who is going to sacrifice themselves to prevent Moloch from achieving his apocalypse.” 

The How to Get Away with Murder finale was insane! What’s coming up next? — Ellen 
Covering the whole thing up! The remaining six episodes will deal mostly with “the fallout and survival,” Katie Findlay tells us. But let’s not forget Rebecca’s trial. In fact, Rebecca’s abrupt call to 911 from the hotel room will come back to haunt them all. “She panicked for a second and made a mistake … but they need a whole story for that,” Findlay says. “Did anyone see [her and Wes] there? Can they prove that it was Rebecca? She doesn’t have an [alibi] for the night.”
What’s next for Bishop and Gibbs after that heart-to-heart a couple weeks ago on NCIS? — Trisha
Bishop’s training wheels are about to come off, which means no more Mr. Nice Gibbs. “There’s a [candor] and honesty between Bishop and Gibbs,” executive producer Gary Glasberg says. “Gibbs isn’t going to be afraid to tell her what he’s thinking or handle her the way that Gibbs handles everybody.” Emily Wickersham welcomes the change. “You see more windows into who she is,” she says. “She usually is right all the time. But as this season goes on, you slowly see more and more faults, which to me makes her more and more human.”

I noticed Nashville mentioned Sadie’s ex-husband last week. Will we ever meet him?  — Linda
You bet! And when it comes to collecting the money that Sadie’s ex believes he is owed, not even a restraining order will stop him. In fact, expect him to set up camp across the street from the studio where Sadie is trying to lay down some new tracks with Avery. Fortunately, Sadie will channel her anger into making some beautiful music.

I can’t believe Adam Pally is leaving The Mindy Project! — Gretchen
Get ready for more cast upheaval once Mindy accepts a prestigious fellowship 3,000 miles away at Stanford University. As a result, the show will introduce a new doctor, a handsome but intense nerd who’s one of Mindy’s instructors. And guess what? He went to med school with Danny — which makes things plenty awkward when we find out that the new doc’s new wife has some old feelings for Danny. 

Anything new on The Vampire Diaries? — Samantha

Expect Damon and Alaric’s bromance to hit a serious speed bump when Damon angers Alaric. How serious is it? One word: fisticuffs! In other heartbreaking news, Bonnie, who has thus far stayed strong in her crazy situation, will be dealt another crushing blow that leads to a breakdown.

Got any Criminal Minds dirt? — Kyle 
Here’s a nugget: Episode 11 deals with JJ’s PTSD on the one-year anniversary of her abduction, which causes concern among the team. Although it doesn’t affect her job performance, executive producer Erica Messer teases that “it’s coming out in unexpected ways. She’s kind of internalizing it.”

What can you tell me about the White Collar series finale? — Katie
Although the specifics are being tightly guarded, we can tell you that the show doesn’t tie everything up in a pretty little bow. “In typical White Collarfashion, it does end on a big cliff-hanger that is shocking and challenging and open to interpretation,” Matt Bomer teases. So show boss Jeff Eastinmight want to leave the country to get away from angry fans, right? Not necessarily. “I think it will create huge passion,” Eastin says. “I’m hoping people aren’t ready to stone the building. I think it will be satisfying and people will ultimately enjoy it.”

Any scoop on Red Band SocietyI love that show! — Sherry
Love (lust?) is in the air on Wednesday’s episode: Hunter and Kara need some alone time; Leo plans a romantic (though ultimately disastrous) first date for Emma; and Dash’s “I don’t want to die a virgin” tactics from the pilot come thisclose to working when a famous pop star (guest star Bella Thorne) is admitted to the hospital. Who ends up in the sack? Hit the comments with your guess. 

I still can’t believe Laurie is going to be a mom on Cougar Town! How soon will she give birth? —Ray
Laurie and Travis will become parents early in the season, much to their joy and Jules’ despair. But don’t worry about parenthood slowing these winos down. “We drink the same amount,” Busy Philipps says with a laugh. But that doesnt mean they’ll be bad parents. “We keep the baby around in his bassinet,” Philipps says. Hey, at least Laurie isn’t following in Jules’ helicopter-mom footsteps! 

Mega Rave: My roller-coaster love affair with Homeland has been well documented, but the last two episodes were near-perfect thrill rides. If the rest of the season is this tense, I’m going to need some of Carrie’s meds!

Mini Rant: “Bitch baby” is the new “fetch.” Stop trying to make it happen, Shonda Rhimes.

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(Additional reporting by Joyce Eng, Sadie Gennis, Liz Raftery, Robyn Ross and Kate Stanhope)

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