Mega Buzz: Scandal’s Misdirect, The Newsroom’s New Outlook and a Sons Death?

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Now that Jake has been arrested, please tell me that Olivia will finally find out that Rowan was behind Jerry’s death on Scandal. — Denise

Unfortunately, it doesn’t sound like that reveal is coming any time soon. “You always think it can’t go on any longer, but they twist it in a way you didn’t even think of,” star Brian Letscher, who plays Tom, teases of the (inevitable?) reveal. “Rowan is a master manipulator …. and the ripple effects of Tom [saying Jake ordered him to kill Jerry] affect a lot of people in ways he never imagined.”

Got anything about the final season of The Newsroom? — Ashley

The season premiere is set around the events of the Boston Marathon bombing and, owing to ACN’s screw-up with the Operation Genoa story last season, everyone is appropriately gun shy about reporting the “facts” of the story too quickly. As such, they end up being dead-last — a position the show also finds itself in the ratings for the first time. But things will get much, much worse when one reporter’s pursuit of a story ends with the FBI raiding the newsroom! 

When is Jax going to learn the truth about Gemma on Sons of Anarchy?
 — Hunter
Although Gemma has quite a scare in Tuesday’s episode, it seems that the show is content to hold on to that secret as long as possible. As for what happens when Jax learns of his mother’s betrayal, Katey Sagal seems resigned to a grim fate. But does that necessarily mean death? “I don’t think there is any relief for Gemma, dead or alive,” she says. “She’s is so much about her family and this life, and that’s just shredding. To think of her living without [that family] or being dead, they both seem the same. There is no redemption for Gemma.” Ouch!

Will Sherlock be jealous of Joan’s boyfriend on Elementary? —Meera

Surprisingly, our favorite detective will actually approve of his protégé getting some regular action from her beau (Smash‘s Raza Jaffrey). Instead, it’s Joan who will adjust her dating life now that Sherlock is back in town. “She is confronted with this, a look at her life,” Jonny Lee Miller tells us. “Which aspects of my life are more important? Do I want to go this way with this guy? What do I want?”

Any more scoop on The Vampire Diaries? — Makayla
Get ready to see some old familiar faces when two characters (and no, we’re not talking about Bonnie and Damon) return to the show. As for this week’s big ’90s flashback, not only will you get to see Damon flirting with a young (and long-haired!) Liz Forbes, but you can also expect a major hint about sketchy newcomer Sarah’s past. (It could even link her to the Salvatores.)

Criminal Minds scoop, please! — Kathy
A breakup is on the horizon for Hotch and Beth, and you can blame Scandal. Bellamy Young, who last appeared as Beth on the show in the Season 8 finale, has not been able to return because of her role on the ABC drama, which means heartbreak for our BAU leader come midseason. “We want to address that long-distance relationship and do it right,” executive producer Erica Messer tells us. “We’re not going to have Bellamy as long as she’s the First Lady, so we want to have it make sense for Hotch when he deals with it.”

Will we ever see The Kindred on Sleepy Hollow again?  — Sheila
You bet! “Don’t forget about him,” showrunner Mark Goffman warns. “He’s got some grand plans.” And although we’ll have to wait until much later in the season to see him, when he returns, he’ll bring with him a game-changing item in Abbie and Ichabod’s fight: the Horseman’s Head!

Any more scoop on what to expect in Hannibal‘s third season? — Evan
Although the season premiere focuses heavily on Hannibal and Bedelia’s relationship and their new life in Italy, Will Graham won’t be forgotten. In fact, I hear he’ll pop up overseas very early in the season and even cross paths with Inspector Pazzi from the novel and film Hannibal. While the pair may not be instant allies, it’s safe to say that Pazzi, like Will, carries a lot of guilt about his own complicated history with Dr. Lecter.

I’m loving the family reunion on The Originals, but will we ever see Cami or Davina again? — Beth
We, too, miss some of the (pun alert!) original cast. Fortunately, Charles Michael Davis tells us that as Marcel becomes more present in episodes to come, so will those ladies. “Davina and Cami are growing a lot stronger,” he says. “But the relationship has changed because Marcel isn’t necessarily there to protect or control them.” Bonus scoop: Davis adds that Marcel and Hayley will finally begin working together. “Klaus calls Hayley the wolves’ queen and Marcel is declaring that he’s the king, so there’s a mutual respect there for the royalty,” he says.

I’m really loving The Affair. What can you tell me about what’s coming up? — Janice
Sunday’s episode doesn’t necessarily advance the present-day mystery, but Noah and Alison’s flashbacks certainly point to a new person who could be the victim of whatever crime has been committed. Let’s just say a longstanding family feud comes to light — and members of those families almost come to blows! Elsewhere, Noah makes some headway on his new book by enlisting Alison to help learn about the island. But I’m not sure you can call everything they get into “research.”

How the heck is Jaha still alive on The 100? — Luis
Although he resigned himself to die alone on The Ark in the Season 1 finale, the new season reveals that Jaha has a last-minute change of heart when he discovers another passenger on board. But once he figures out a way to the ground, Jaha’s troubles are far from over. “Jaha lands in the desert,” creator Jason Rothenberg says. “So he’s going to have his own journey and encounter people along the way that may or may not be friendly or helpful.”

What can you tell me about the upcoming Agent Carter?  — Nick
The show is set in motion when Howard Stark (Dominic Cooper) gives Peggy (Hayley Atwell) her new mission: to find his inventions, which have been appropriated locally, and stop them from getting in the wrong hands. Although Stark also enlists his butler Edwin Jarvis (James D’Arcy) to help Peggy out, once you see her pummel an unknown assailant, it becomes pretty clear that she doesn’t need a bodyguard. Watch out, Melinda May, you may have competition!

Mega Rave: Boardwalk Empire has always been expert at pulling its various stories together, and the thrilling, emotionally wrenching final episodes of the series have been no exception. I both can’t wait for the series finale and also dread saying goodbye.

Mini Rant: 
Why, Fox? Because the one thing missing from American Horror Story is belly laughs?

This Week’s Recommendation: Foo Fighters: Sonic Highways (Fridays at 11/10c, HBO) The Foo Fighters’ nostalgic, entertaining new documentary series is a must-see, not just for Foo fans, but for anyone who loves music. Along the way, the band meets with artists from Bonnie Raitt to Buddy Guy to find out how individual cities shaped their musical careers. Rock on!

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