“We need a long term plan for the arena and this isn’t it.”

Chemung County Executive Christopher Moss questioned the future of the Elmira Enforcers and owner Robbie Nichols in First Arena amid several code violations made public by Moss Thursday afternoon.

Moss told 18 News that Nichols pays $125 a month for the arena and receives money for naming rights and concession sales. Moss doesn’t believe that Nichols will be part of the long-term plan for First Arena paying $125 a month.

The deal Nichols signed to lease the arena was, according to Moss, approved by the Industrial Development Agency’s former director Mike Krusen, who lost the Chemung County Executive race to Moss last November.

Moss called the deal “politically motivated,” and that Nichols signed a one-year deal with an option for two years to be in First Arena. 

Code inspectors went through the arena on Nov. 13 and found several violations during the Enforcers season that were not updated. Code violations included chains on doors, a lack of carbon monoxide detectors and fire alarms, and missing fire extinguishers.

Chemung County Manager Mike Collins told 18 News that Nichols is working on fixing the arena’s issues and that Elmira College’s commencement ceremony on June 2 will take place in the arena.

Still, Moss isn’t ready to say Nichols and the Enforcers, who went to the Federal Hockey League finals in their inaugural season, are here to stay.

“It’s a hockey arena, we’d like to have hockey but at the end of the day we can’t tolerate the number of code violations that haven’t been addressed.”