Sue and Michaela Moore share how their husband and father, respectively, impacted not only their lives – but the entire community’s as well. 

Dennis worked for the Town of Chemung as a laborer and equipment operator for over 20 years.

It was not rare for him to work after-hours, to help out his neighbors. Especially during the winter, Dennis would make sure the roads were safe for everybody, plowing driveways and putting down cinders on icy back-roads. 

Sue said, “He was on-call 24/7 in the winter.” 

It’s been four years since Dennis tragically and unexpectedly passed away. A car fell on him while he was working on one of his race cars – a passion of his. 

“It’s difficult,” Michaela said. The mother and daughter recounted how they would see Dennis driving by their house while he was driving around a town truck for work.

“He’d go by the house and beep the horn. We’d say, ‘Sweet! That was Dad!'”, Michaela said.

Now that he’s gone, they think of him every time they see a town truck go by.

“We just think for a split second – he could be in there,” Sue said.

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