Joe Thresher was nominated as a “Most Valuable Citizen” by his daughter, Olivia, who attends SUNY Cortland. 

Joe lives and owns a business in Elmira Heights. He has worn many hats over the years – a father of four, an Elmira Heights fire captain, a Cinderella softball coach, and a local business owner.

He has been in the flower business for 20 years. The family business, Emily’s Florist, sits on Grand Central Ave. in Horseheads. 

Joe was diagnosed with kidney failure, on top of his Type 1 Diabetes, which has taken a hard hit on both his family, and his business. 

To his family’s amazement, Joe still manages to maintain a focus on helping others.

“Every little thing he does makes me so proud,” Olivia said. “I think that he’s really strong for keeping going and coming in here every day and smiling and doing what he can for everybody else, even though he’s the one who needs it sometimes.”

Joe said he just loves to make people smile, especially with his flower business. 

“Sometimes its sad occasions but we’re there to comfort the people, and once in a while we’ll have a customer break down and we give them a hug and make them feel better,” Joe said. “I think that’s part of the reason why we’re in this business. It’s like when I’m all the ball field with the girls, and they make a nice play and it makes them smile, I think that’s what life is all about – making people happy.”

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