ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) American Heart Month is still in full effect and heart risk is always looming. We have some tips you can start to apply in your day to day for a more active lifestyle.

Dr. Saurabh Sharma is an Associate Cardiologist and Director of the Cardiovascular Prevention Center at Guthrie in Sayre, P.A.

Guthrie states the most common symptom of an oncoming, heart attack is chest pain, but to be safe always consult with your physician to figure out what steps you would need to take.

A journey to a healthier life starts by paying attention to your blood pressure, diet and tobacco exposure among other things.

Dr. Sharma says, “The most important risk factor that we all struggle with is tobacco. It is something that is very difficult to quit if a patient quits tobacco in 2 years’ time the risk of developing a heart attack is reduced to half. So, I would say it’s the most bang for your buck that you can do. Or you can get to reduce your cardiovascular risk.”

Dr. Sharma mentions, “The American heart association recommends at least thirty minutes of exercise or moderate intensity exercise; like jogging, brisk walking, hiking or biking. At Least thirty minutes a day five days a week which comes out to be 150 a week.”