(NEXSTAR) — Ford announced an international recall of more than 400,000 vehicles over a video output issue that keeps the rearview camera from displaying while backing up.

The recall covers 383,000 SUVs in the United States, including certain Ford Explorers and Lincoln Aviators that came with 360-degree cameras, according to the Associated Press. The year of production ranges from 2020 to 2023.

Ford said in government documents posted Friday that it is aware of 17 minor accidents allegedly tied to the issue, but no injuries. Drivers say instead of being able to see behind the car while backing up, they see a blue screen.

To fix the issue, dealers will have to update image processing software in the vehicles.

The total recall includes 462,000 vehicles worldwide, Reuters reports.

Ford said the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration contacted them in October 2021 after allegations of the blue image popping up in the rear view camera, the document shows. The issue led to a recall that year involving 228,000 vehicles, according to Reuters, which will once again need to be fixed.