ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – International Women’s Day is a celebration of Women and the contributions and impact they have on society. Celebrated every year on March 8th we get to take a look at some of the women who are pioneers and inspire our communities.

At the Corning Museum of Glass our reporter Jewel Baldwin got the chance to speak to two Museum Directors.

Amy Schwartz is the Director of the studio at the Corning Museum of Glass. She has been working at the museum for over 20 years and with her team helped bring to life the studio.

Amy says, “I’m a glass artist. I blow glass and cold work glass but most of my work is focused on creating the studio and providing opportunities for artists and students working with glass.”

Amy also says, “I wish I could tell my younger self to not be so hard on myself, to work hard and to ask for help.”

Natalie Payne is the Executive Director of The Finger Lakes Project. She mentions, “As the director of the project everyday is a bit different right now we’re in the midst of a capital campaign. So daily we are working towards the campaign goal, and we also work with a number of consulting groups.”

Natalie adds, “If I had a chance to tell my younger self something it would be don’t be afraid to take chances having the courage to step outside that box. But really don’t be afraid to take that step in the direction you never thought you’d be able to take.”