(WETM) – If you work a regular job, you probably know the feeling. The feeling of doing your work and getting no appreciation or recognition for it.

One new survey found that one in five American workers feels underappreciated at work or that their contributions aren’t recognized.

Snappy, a company that specializes in gift-giving for employers to their employees, conducted a survey with over 1,500 workers in the U.S. in January 2023. Overall, the results found that the majority of workers are satisfied with their job security, career growth, and appreciation.

However, just over 20% of workers who responded to the survey said they very rarely or never feel appreciated at work. Similarly, just over 18% of respondents said they’d be looking for a new job in 2023 because of pay, career growth, lack of respect in their current role, and concerns about the company culture or future of their company.

According to the report, the vast majority of workers feel that companies should recognize employee contributions and accomplishments with “tokens of appreciation” or gifts. The report said that occasions employees would like to see recognized are work anniversaries, birthdays, project completion, and life celebrations. They also reported that they’d like to be recognized by more than just their superiors, specifically, their direct managers, their CEO, their peers, and people they manage themselves.