(WTAJ) — Like many sports, the IRS has its season too, and it’s happening now — but if you already filed your 2022 taxes, you may be wondering when you can expect that tax return to hit your bank account.

The past few years have put a strain on the IRS because of COVID-19, pandemic payments to Americans, and staffing issues, causing some returns to be delayed. Some people have even made posts about waiting nearly a year to get their return.

However, with the mass hiring of new IRS agents, things might go a bit more smoothly this year. In fact, the IRS website says that once they accept your tax return, you’ll generally see the money within 21 days — 3 weeks.

While that could vary based on the complexity of your tax return, the IRS says 21 days is a general timeframe if you filed electronically. If you filed a paper return, it may take longer for them to process it.

If you’ve filed electronically and are beyond those 21 days, you can track your refund online and even seek help for various issues on the IRS taxpayer advocate service site by clicking here.

Employers are required to provide W-2s by Jan. 31. If you haven’t received yours, you should reach out to your employer.