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VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – A young Virginia Beach man who was working in Building 2 during the mass shooting on May 31 is promoting a unique challenge to raise money for the American Red Cross.

Jack Jones had a summer internship with Virginia Beach Public Works and was in Building 2 on the third floor on May 31 when his life changed in an instant. Two of his immediate co-workers and his supervisor were among the 12 people killed that day.

In his only television interview, Jones shared with 10 On Your Side what he remembers from that day.

“I heard a bang like someone had used a nail gun or dropped over a file cabinet. I remember poking my head out and that’s when I saw the shooter with the gun drawn in one of my co-worker’s offices. Flight or fight kicked in and I ran out the door screaming ‘GUN!’ I was out really quick; people were running with me. I saw the shooter for a split second. He wasn’t focused on me. I heard one more gun shot as I was running out. It was totally an out of body experience. It was a total out of body experience. Total panic!”

Jones is now on social media telling his story.

On his social media site he posted a video that begins, “On May 31st, I survived a mass shooting in the Virginia Beach Municipal Center.”

The day after the shooting, three Red Cross grief counselors showed up at Jones’ home. “In the wake of this tragedy the American Red Cross was there to help begin the healing process for my community,” said Jones.

Jack started an online movement of positivism, a challenge to donate to the Red Cross. In his video, Jack says, “Have a friend or younger brother drop an egg on your head and challenge three more people do same with the hashtag #redcrosseggtoss. If you choose not to participate please consider donating to the American Red Cross. Life is fragile, so enjoy it.” At that point Jack’s younger brother, Bill, cracks an egg on Jack’s head with yolk flying everywhere and laughter between the two brothers.

The response is blowing up online. About $2,000 was raised in the first 48 hours, with thousands of video views.

In the end, Jack Jones has learned some hard and valuable lessons, “You never know what life throws at you and what tomorrow holds. The egg is symbolism for how fragile life is,” Jones said.

Please consider donating to Jack’s online challenge at this link.

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