National Puppy Day: Shedding Light On Adoption


March 23 marks the tenth annual National Puppy Day to encourages pet owners to appreciate man’s best friend a little more, to inspire pet rescue and educate about the horrors of puppy mills.

Local shelters tell 18NEWS how the community of the Twin Tiers can make a difference today and all year long.

Kelly Keefer, the Outreach Coordinator of the Chemung County SPCA said everyone who walks into the shelter gets excited about puppies.

“Puppies are very, very exciting and anytime we bring a puppy or kitten into our lives, how wonderful,” said Keefer.

With their little wet noses, their big eyes and their endless energy, what’s not to love about puppies? But as we all know, puppies don’t stay little forever.

“We encourage everyone to love those puppies right into their doghood,” said Keefer.

If you’re inspired to adopt today like so many around the country and world, local shelters have a message for you, before you run out to a pet shop.

Tom Geroy, Executive Director of the Chemung Couny SPCA said steer clear of pet shops and stores and aim to adopt your next pet.

“We would just really encourage you if you’re looking for a puppy on national puppy day please patronize your local shelter I’m sure that there are some little guys and little girls in there who could really use a home,” said Geroy.

Like little Maisey. She’s still awaiting a new forever home, like so many other pups.

So regardless of the idea you’ve got of your dream dog or cat, local rescue spots remind you to come in with an open mind and heart.

“You always come in with this idea oh I want this certain kind of breed of animal you know but somehow the animals seem to find you.”

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