(NBC) – Tonight “Dateline” goes inside the investigation into the disappearance of Texas mother Heidi Broussard and her daughter, Margot.

Friday’s episode includes interviews with Broussard’s friends and family, as well as FBI special agent Christopher Combs.

Here is a preview of Andrea Canning’s report:

We begin our story in Austin, Texas. Thursday, Dec. 12, 2019, two weeks after Margot was born.

It was a typical busy morning for 33-year-old Heidi. The bubbly young mom lived with her fiance, Shane Carey, and their two children in this modest apartment complex.

The day started early, seeing Shane off to work, tending to baby Margot and getting her six-year old-son, Silas, to school.

DESTINY FINE: I think she probably woke Silas up and started to get the baby ready while Silas got himself dressed.

Destiny Fine was one of Heidi’s closest friends.

DESTINY FINE: They probably brushed their teeth together, because they did that quite often. I’m sure she made his lunch and got his breakfast ready, and then they got out the door as quick as they could.

Heidi dropped Silas off at school shortly after 8 a.m. nothing out of the norm there. Hours later, her fiance, Shane, got home from work, expecting to see Heidi and baby Margot. After all, he saw Heidi’s car in the parking lot, when he pulled in. But Heidi and Margot weren’t home.

DESTINY FINE: Now, she was supposed to hang out with a friend that day. I think he just thought that she had went to hang out with her friend early.

Shane wasn’t too worried and went about his day. But as the hours passed, he realized his son needed to be picked up from after-school activities so he headed out to get him. And when he and Silas got home still no Heidi or Margot. That’s when Shane became alarmed.

REBEKAH GUILLORY: I spoke to Shane Thursday night. He asked me if I had heard from her, “Have you talked to Heidi today? Because I can’t find her, Bekah. I can’t find her.”

Rebekah lived hours away in Houston but was like a sister to Heidi and talked to her all the time.

REBEKAH GUILLORY: He’s like, “I went and got Silas, but I– I– I don’t know where Heidi is.” And I’m like, “Well, where’s Margot?” Well, he says, “She must have her. I don’t have her.”

ANDREA CANNING: Gives you chills.

REBEKAH GUILLORY: Oh, absolutely.

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