BATH, N.Y. (WETM) – A new cafe has opened in Bath, N.Y, and is becoming an instant sensation. Park Cafe has sold out of their exclusive sweets since they’ve opened, selling out in three days.

The new cafe is an extension of their first family business created by the owner’s late grandfather.

“The place changed hands, and my grandfather ended up needing some help so he moved up here with my family and it was just a collective decision that we have to name this place the Park Cafe. It’s the second version of It’s Park Cafe 2.0,” said Jackie Nemes Co-owner of Park Cafe

The cafe had people lined up in front of their storefront for their signature cakes which resulted in creating a plan to handle all the incoming orders.

“We are going to regroup and make sure that we sit down and take some more time to put out more products so there could be more to go around and hopefully, you know, we don’t sell out again it’s it’s a nice thing and I’m just blown away,” said Nemes

The Park Cafe also has a dining area and looks forward to having guests eat in. The eatery plans to add sandwiches and soups to its menu as time goes on.

You can check out the Park Cafe’s signature cakes and updated menu’s on their Facebook.