BATH, N.Y. (WETM) – LP Building Solutions has expanded its company and built a new warehouse in Bath. It is the first warehouse it has in New York State.

It is their Smartside business that is coming to town, and will make construction material such as siding and trim. Its headquarters is located in Nashville Tennessee, with the new location in Bath adding on to its already large industry. The new location will be used to hold the materials until they’re treated, and then sold.

LB Building Solutions doesn’t typically build their new warehouses, but use already built structures. However, in Bath, the company went against the norm and built a brand new building that took nearly 2 years to construct.

Placed on around 75 acres of land, the construction is finally coming to a close. “We were really in a process of finding locations where we could accelerate the build and there were very few locations that were available to us… that’s where the people of Bath and all the leadership here behind the project showed the sense of urgency.” said Executive Vice President Jason Ringblom.

The new warehouse is bigger than a football field, and the company says it is going to hire for more than 60 new jobs. Fore more information on the company, check out their website.