Never before seen technology is making its way to the Southern tier. Through Governor Cuomo’s 76 west competition, inventors are encouraged to pitch their ideas for clean energy systems in the state of New York. 

One requirement of the competition is that the invention has to be manufactured in the southern tier. This requirement complements “Southern Tier Soaring” the region’s $3.1 billion investment to support economic and community growth 

Last year’s winner was the company Skyven. They have created an innovative new technology that could change the game of energy efficiency.

Arun Gupta, CEO of Skyven explained what exactly his invention does.

“Our technology is called the intelligent mirror array or IMA for short and it captures heat from the sun, raises the temperature of that heat and then injects that heat into an industrial boiler to reduce the amount of fuel that factories have to burn in order to produce all the items that we enjoy on a daily basis. And it does that by concentrating sunlight with mirrors.”

The IMA is designed for industrial use only. Some units have already been manufactured and are all set to be shipped out to farms and other industrial businesses.

This is Skyven’s very first product and it will be produced right here in Elmira at Cameron Manufacturing and Design. Arun hopes that this will change energy efficiency across the southern tier.