ELMIRA, NY (WETM)- New York hospitals rank among the worst nationally, according to Leapfrog.

Leapfrog is a Washington, D.C.- based non-profit that focuses on safety.

19 hospitals statewide received the highest safety grade, ‘A’, while 34 received the second-lowest grade, ‘D’.

None of the hospitals received an ‘F’.

Twice a year, Leapfrog, reviews a variety of health-related issues ranging from surgical errors to infectious disease prevention.

This report included a COVID-19 analysis, as it’s no secret the pandemic put a lot of strain on hospitals and its employees.

The CEO of Leapfrog, Leah Binder saying in a statement “The health care workforce has faced unprecedented levels of pressure during the pandemic, and as a result, patients’ experiences with their care appears to have suffered. We commend the workforce for their heroic efforts these past few years and now strongly urge hospital leadership to recommit to improved care- from communication to responsiveness- and get back on track with patient safety outcomes.”

However, that’s not the case with one local hospital, while many New York hospitals received a ‘C’ or ‘D’ grade, Guthrie Corning received an ‘A’.

“We went back to basics in a lot of ways. What are the most important things we need to do in order to take good safe care of patients. It may be something as simple as hand washing, or as complex as developing a whole new patient protocol for an evolving infectious disease like we did. So I think that structure and that process can really make for safe care, and I think that’s what we did well,” says Guthrie Clinic Chief Medical Officer, Michael Scalzone.

Scalzone credits his whole team for their hard work these past two years, “We collaborated a lot. We brought together a whole bunch of different groups, different departments and all of the facilities across the system to look for best practices.”

According to Leapfrog, Arnot Ogden Medical Center received a ‘C’ grade.

Arnot sent 18 news a statement from President and Chief Executive Officer, Jonathan Lawrence, “Arnot Health facilities have earned full accreditation by the Joint Commission, widely accepted as the “gold standard”.  Our award-winning programs and numerous specialty accreditations are a testament to our focused efforts to optimize patient safety and to provide high quality healthcare across numerous service lines.  We are proud of our collaborative efforts with the Healthcare Association of New York (HANYS), our payers, and numerous community stakeholders who share our belief in the value of providing hospital quality and safety information to help patients make informed choices and assist providers in improving care.  Arnot Health subscribes to the philosophy that quality information must be based on a standard set of measures that have been proven to be valid, reliable, and evidence-based to ensure an accurate representation of the quality of care delivered.”

New York ranked 44th worst in the country and while that isn’t great, it’s an improvement from fall when New York ranked 47th.

To learn more about Leapfrog and see what grade the hospital near you received, click here.