ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) —The budget was due April 1st for lawmakers and was not passed. Republican Minority Leader William Barclay and Democratic Assemblyman John McDonald gave their reasons as to why bail reform and housing are causing a slowdown for the budget.

“Once those two items are resolved, I, and many others feel the budget falls into place very quickly,” stated McDonald.

Barclay sees bail reform as something that should be reworked further than what is currently proposed. The assembly member sees not enough support going towards the topic.

“The governor has some changes that I certainly support. I don’t think that they go far enough. And the majority of both houses don’t want to make any change,” claimed Barclay.

In the assembly, there seems to be confusion about where the government stands on the matter. On the other side of the aisle, McDonald did not agree with Barclay’s claim.

“To say no, there’s no problem is not the answer. And on the same token, for individuals to characterize the majority as not wanting to make change is unfair as well,” explained McDonald.

On the topic of housing, McDonald supports the governor’s view. The way the government will finalize the situation yet is to be seen.

“We need to grow more housing opportunities. When we have more competition, tenants and new homeowners win. It’s causing some concerns particularly in the downstate areas, in the suburbs. On Long Island and Westchester, so we are trying to figure that out,” said McDonald.

“The governor has a pretty expansive housing plan, but it uses a stick to try to get localities to buy into that plan. Where the legislature and I have to agree with this, want to use a carrot instead,” described Barclay.

An extender is expected to be passed on Monday for the budget, giving lawmakers more time. They are hoping to have an additional one to two weeks to work on the budget.